What do we need to be concerned about lead content and the jewelry we wear today?

earrings silver garnetThe pair of earrings in the photo to the left are made from solid sterling silver, genuine AAA quality garnet gemstones, fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals mesmerize us with their shimmering brilliance because they have a 21% lead content. The higher the lead the more brilliant the crystal. The state of California recently passed a law that prohibits lead content in children’s jewelry.

I tried to find something about lead content on the Swarovski site but a search turns up nothing.

Read more about a letter response from Swarovski to an enquiring customer here on the Jewelry Business Blog by Rene Klinenberg.

Just as it is not wise to drink from those beautiful crystal glasses it is also not wise to put your crystal jewelry in your drinks. Kidding aside, you need to be aware that it is ingested lead that is of great concern so wearing crystal earrings or other jewelry is not a health concern. It is a concern, though, if your children can have access to your jewels and accidently ingest them so keep them away from the little ones and don’t let the babies play with them while you are wearing them.  More about lead in jewlery in the next post.

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  2. Hey great earrings and glad to see at the forum!


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